Good-bye Chicago

Ashley’s stuff is all unpacked and her apartment is all put together. Most upperclassman at Wheaton live in these on-campus apartments. They’re nice. There’s generally four in an apartment; however, Ashley’s roommate is away for the first semester this year, so for a few months there’s only 3 in their apartment. We’re glad we could help her get set up this year. Jeff did some final work on her bike, and then it was off to Madison and Regina’s for a brief visit before heading to the airport.

This picture was taken on the Trammel’s porch just before we left their house. We’ve had a great visit in Chicagoland.

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We spent the day in Chicago. It was our first time to a Lake Michigan beach. It really is like an ocean. There’s sand, waves, an endless view of water…just no salt. The water was cool, but refreshing. While we just went in up to our ankles, Asher didn’t hesitate to get completely wet.

Oh, and we’ve learned Asher’s favorite joke:
“Why did the potato burp?
Because he was a root (rude) vegetable.”

He’s a lot of fun.

We made a brief stop on the magnificent mile, making a visit to the Apple store while Regina and the kids stopped into the Disney store. Asher loves Wall*E. Jeff loves checking out the iphones. I was looking at their super thin laptops. This store had 2 levels including a small theater/presentation area on the second floor.

We enjoyed more Mexican food for dinner at a restaurant not far from Moody Publishers, where Madison works. Yes, we love Mexican food…

It is Ashley’s 21st birthday, so we ended the night with a chocolate & peanut butter ice-cream pie from Oberweis Dairy. Very good. We did the same thing on her 18th birthday, and it was worth repeating!

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Speaking at Parkwood & Visiting with Friends

We had the opportunity to share about our ministry at Madison and Regina’s church, Parkwood Community Church, on Sunday. We enjoyed our time. Ashley was with us, and she met some people that had graduated from Wheaton. We visited the church with the them last year as well.

It’s been great to visit with Madison and Regina. We’re keeping up our tradition of visiting with them just before and then within the first year after the birth of each of their children. Our last visit was just before Kai was born, and now it’s been about 10 months since he was born. We haven’t planned our trips this way…just how they’ve happened. Asher is now 3 years old and full of energy. Jeff has been having fun playing human crane with him :). Kai watches his big brother, and he has a great smile and loves laughing.

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Out to Wheaton

We arrived in Wheaton, Illinois yesterday to take my sister, Ashley, back to college, visit with some friends of ours, Madison and Regina, and speak at their church about our ministry with Wycliffe. Our drive out here included a stop at a Stew Leonard’s grocery store in Connecticut (see our blog entry from last year). We wanted Ashley to experience this place. She’s standing in front of the Chiquita banana animatronic lady. Push a button and she’ll sing about the bananas.

Then we stopped in the home of a wonderful couple that is on the Wycliffe Associates hospitality roster. They showed us the movie, The Ultimate Gift while we were at their house. What a great movie!

We made another stop in northern Indiana to see one of my friends from college, Kelly. It was great to see her, her husband Ryan and now their TWO kids! We enjoyed some great Mexican food together. Jeff says this place has the best tacos outside of Los Angeles!

Oh, and check out this row of soda machines in their town. That’s a serious selection of soda!

We hit the ground running yesterday, arriving in Wheaton early in the day, collecting all of Ashley’s stuff for her on-campus apartment and beginning to unpack it. We visited with Madison and Regina today in-between stops at Ashley’s apartment. It’s always great to see them. Jeff has know them for many years. I met them when Madison worked for Wycliffe in Orlando.

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