True story…
We were driving along A1A on the east coast of Florida in April, when we came across this sign. We LOVE girl scout cookies (especially thin mints, tagalongs and samoas). So, we did what any girl scout cookie lover would do…we stopped. Hey, if they’ve got them when it’s not even the season for them, we wanted to buy some.

Now, we did wonder if this could really be true, but we decided to ask despite our doubts. We went to the office door, rang the bell and the church secretary called to us on the intercom. We asked if they had cookies for sale. She said yes! Our mouths were watering; our tastebuds were tingling. We were sooo excited to purchase some girl scout cookies!

Alas, when she came to the door, she had bad news. She asked around in the office, and found out it was just a funny idea someone had to get people to come to church. There were no cookies…

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Turning 31

I turn 31 in two days, and for the first time since we’ve been married, we’ll be apart on my birthday. I’ll be on a plane headed to Asia (business trip), and Jeff will be in New York participating in more Wycliffe Associates banquets. We celebrated tonight at a restaurant in Orlando. I wonder what we’ll be doing next year on my 32nd birthday…

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Blountstown & Lady Lake

We’ve had two great banquets in the last two days–one in Blountstown (a small town in the pan handle) and one in Lady Lake (in central Florida). Dave Jackson (pictured on the right in the picture on the bottom left) has been the speaker for the last three banquets. Steve Martin, the banquet emcee is also in the picture on the bottom right. We’ve been with him for all of our Florida banquets. It’s been fun to travel with them. The picture on the top right is of Steve and Jeff unrolling a list of languages without the Bible. It’s an impressive list!

Our entertainment tonight in Lady Lake was peacocks. There were several at the location where the banquet was. They are beautiful birds, but they are loud!

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Pensacola Banquet

We enjoyed our time in Pensacola. The banquet went really well. My Uncle Paul and Aunt Marie came out. Missy Schmelzenbach was there, too. We even ran into a friend (Christie Phillips) that we met when we took TOTAL It Up in 2005.

Before we left for our next location, we went to the beach–the Gulf Islands National Seashore. It was beautiful, but it was also cold. I was wearing a sweater.

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