Merry Christmas!


One of the things I love about this region are the Christmas decorations.  Even every little village has some kind of Christmas decor.  The main street in the city where we live is always full of Christmas trees and lights.  It’s so beautiful.

IMG_20151215_171102Since we’ve been here we’ve had a real Christmas tree each year.  I love the smell of the evergreen inside.  Thankfully, the cat doesn’t seem at all interested in the tree!


Another great part of the holiday season here is cheese.  Since we live very close to Switzerland, we also get  fondue and raclette (two different kinds of melted cheese).  Raclette is available at the local Christmas markets, but you can also do it at home.  We haven’t done that, yet.  However we have taken advantage of the prepackaged fondue.  Yum!

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First Christmas in Europe


This our first Christmas in Europe, and this region is full of things to see and do. We’ve never experienced anything quite like this.  The lights and decorations in the bigger cities are amazing.


Then there are the Christmas markets each with its own specialties – raclette, ginger bread, crepes & waffles, sausages.


Kandern is also beautifully decorated.  My sister and mother came out to share the holiday with us, so we were able to experience some of the local Christmas culture together.


My favorite Christmas market was in Strasbourg (about 1.5 hours away).  It’s amazing – so many lights, decorations with several Christmas markets in different parts of the city.

This is a Christmas we’ll remember for a long time.

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Gifts of true joy


Would you like to give some great and meaningful gifts this year?

Wycliffe USA’s gift catalog offers some great ways to partner with Wycliffe’s ministry by funding various project needs: print Scriptures, provide training or resources for translators…support the ministry of Wycliffe missionaries…like us!

This page features our ministry and links from there will let you explore other cool gift possibilities.

Give a gift of true joy…

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They Haven’t Really Heard


Everyone listened intently as the Nigerian translator read from the Mwaghavul [MWA-ga-vool] New Testament. But these people in north central Nigeria were certain that they had never heard the story before. “Where did this come from?” they asked when the reading was finished.

The translator smiled. “You’ve heard this story every Christmas,” he answered, “but always in Hausa” (the trade language of that area of Nigeria). This was the first time the Mwaghavul worshippers had heard the story of Jesus’ birth in their own language. And on this Christmas day it was also the first time they truly heard its message.

Hundreds of language groups in Nigeria still don’t have the Christmas story, or any of God’s Word for that matter, in their heart language. Whether it’s the Christmas story, or other important portions of God’s Word about 200 million people worldwide haven’t really heard the message – yet.

This story, written by Dwayne Jenke of Wycliffe Canada, was adapted from the original which appears on  The photo above is by Phil Prior of Wycliffe UK

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