Ending the year on a sad note

June (Gleason) Pubols

A few hours before the New Year approached in Europe, we received a call that Jeff’s mom had passed away.  New Years Eve was a sad night for us. She had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s just three and a half years ago, and passed away as a result of the disease.  She was 85 years old.

Jeff’s mom was a follower of Jesus, and it gives us joy to know that she is in heaven with Him. She is completely healed and reunited with loved ones that have gone on before her. While we can take comfort knowing we will see her again, the loss of family members is difficult.

Please be praying for us as well as Jeff’s family. Here are two specific prayer requests:

  • For safe travel for Jeff out to California as well as for his brother who is coming in from Japan.
  • For everyone to feel the presence of Jesus and his comfort as they grieve.

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Speaking at Wycliffe Associates Banquets in California

We’ll be sharing briefly about our ministry with Wycliffe at several Wycliffe Associates banquets in southern California.

– April 16 at 7pm at the Embassy Suites in Temecula
– April 18 at 7pm at the Hyatt Regency Suites in Palm Springs
– April 19 at 7pm at the Westside Baptist Church in Fontana
– April 20 at 7pm at the Courtyard by Marriott in Riverside
– April 22 at 7pm at the Ambassador Hotel in Victorville
– April 23 at 7pm at the Holiday Inn in Ontario
– April 25 at 7pm at the Holiday Inn in Torrance
– April 26 at 7pm at the Airport Holiday Inn in Long Beach
– April 30 at 7pm at the Courtyard by Marriott in Monrovia
– May 2 at 7pm at the The Castaway Restaurant in Burbank
– May 3 at 7pm at the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills

If you can come to one of these, go to this link, find the banquet you want to attend and follow the instructions for making a reservation. We’d love to see you!

These banquets are a great opportunity to learn more about what God is doing through the ministry of Bible translation. Admission and your meal are free. An offering is taken to cover expenses and raise funds for Bible translation projects.

These banquets are held all over the US. Is there a banquet in your community? Go to this link and click on your state to find more information about banquets near you!

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There and back again

We spent a good portion of January and February this year back in our home areas in the US.  It was time spent reconnecting with family and friends, time to connect with some work colleagues based in the US, some time for connecting with ministry partners…and some time to reconnect some of our favorite American foods…and to do some shopping…

It was a whirlwind that took us from the west coast, to several places in the mid-west and concluding on the east coast before we returned to our home in South Africa. Here are a few highlights from our trip:

On January 23 we spoke at Orcutt Christian Church in Santa Maria, California.  Shortly before the service started, Jeff looked into the congregation and saw a couple of familiar faces from his past–two people who he knew from youth group at his home church. Marcy was a youth leader when he was in youth group, and Liz was in youth group with him.  It was great for me to get to know them both, and Jeff enjoyed reconnecting with them.


We shared a little bit of South Africa with our families and friends by making a typical South African meal for them–bobotie and yellow rice (served with spicy chili chutney).  We also shared some of our favorite boxed cookies from here.  Food and fellowship are a good combination :).  It was a new meal for everyone, but they all seemed to enjoy it.  It’s something we enjoy, too, so we didn’t mind having it a few times while we were home.


Jeff spent several days helping his dad dig out and dispose of rocks from their back yard.  It was a huge project that between the two of them they were able to complete quickly.


I brought my sister to New York City.  It was her first time there.  We visited with one of my friends, and she was able to see a good portion of the city in our short time there.


We were also able to be with my dad on his 69th birthday for a celebration with our immediately family and for another celebration with friends.

It was wonderful to be home and to see and visit with everyone.  It was the longest we’ve been in the US since we left for Africa more than two years ago.   Skype, facebook and other tools of technology have keep us up-to-date with everyone, but none of those replaces face to face time…even if it’s compact!

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