A new friend in our new house



In August we moved into another house.  Like the last place we lived, we are renting and caring for this property while the people who usually live here are away for the year.  We’re out in a small village about a five minute drive from our office. Our favorite part about this place is that it comes with a cat.

It’s been years since we had a cat.  We’ve resisted the temptation to have a pet because of the transient nature of our work.  We have a colleague living in the basement apartment, so when we’re out of town, there’s always someone here to take care of the cat.  It’s perfect for our situation. This one is so friendly. As soon as a lap is available, she’s in it.  We’ll have her for the year, so we’re trying to enjoy her as much as we can.

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Integrating Faith and Life


Last week I was in meetings outside of London with some members of our communications team.  We went on an outing towards the end which included a stop at The Church of All Souls, and a visit with an organization connected to the churched called the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.


The institute exists to help equip people to integrate their Christian faith with their life – a concept they call whole life discipleship.  They talked with us about a new program they developed called Life on the Frontline.  Have a look at the video below to learn more.

Programs like this help people live out the messages of Scripture, and that ties right in with one of Wycliffe’s desires – not just that people will have God’s word in their language, but that they will use and apply it to their lives.

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Our own Kleingarten (small garden)

It’s been years since we’ve had a vegetable garden.  In Germany gardening is very popular, and even if you don’t have your own land, you can rent or borrow a space.  I started a hunt for our own garden spot in February, and it didn’t take long to secure a spot in a surprising place – at my office!  I didn’t know, but they had a small plot behind a shed.  Only one other person is sharing with us.

Our part includes zucchinis, tomatillos, roma tomatoes and cilantro.  We’re already collecting a good harvest.  My travel has been slow this summer, so I’ve had extra time to water and tend the garden.  Of course I can do it during breaks while I’m at the office which is really nice!

The biggest challenge has been keeping the weeds down.  Thankfully, the garden is mostly hidden from view because people here take pride in having their gardens well manicured. This has been a fun new challenge, and something I’ve enjoyed about being in Germany.

These small gardens are a big thing here.  Click here and here to learn more about them.


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More cabling


Here’s a quick picture of Jeff out at the Wycliffe Switzerland‘s office working with his boss on recabling the office for upgraded internet. The Wycliffe Switzerland office is actually only 1.5 hours from where we live, so this trip wasn’t very far.  It’s closer to us than the Wycliffe Germany office. This was the third time Jeff has been involved in cabling an office for Wycliffe, so he’s getting lots of good practice at this!

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