Loading up

Now it’s getting real. The moving truck arrived today. It picked up a collection of what remains of our belongings. Some things are headed to North Carolina for long-term storage. Some is headed to Rhode Island to my parent’s house to be added to their household, kept for long-term storage and held aside to possibly go to Kenya with us later. This move is complicated…

In about a month we’ll be going to North Carolina for a month of training. Life is about to get really different.

Getting Started

We’ve left Orlando for a couple of weeks in New England. We have appointments or services at seven churches. This will be our first real experiences sharing about our ministry together in front of some groups. Jeff’s feeling a little nervous about the public speaking we will be doing.

Our flight left really early. We woke up at 3am to get ready. I turned on the TV just for some background noise while we were getting ready. It was so interesting. The program that came was one featuring John Wycliffe at the moment I turned on the TV.