Your prayers are important! The most important contribution you can make to our ministry is a commitment to pray. Commit to be a prayer partner. 

Prayer Guides

Ways to regularly pray for us

  • Pray that we will serve the Lord well through the organization in which we are part.
  • Pray that we will transition well to any changes we encounter.
  • Pray that God will give us the strength to endure hardships and that God will send people to encourage us to persevere when times are difficult.
  • Pray that we will experience God’s presence with us daily.
  • Pray that we will continually grow closer to Jesus and that we will be open to changes he desires to do in our lives to conform us more to his character.
  • Pray that we will cultivate friendships in the places where we live and work.
  • Pray for God to continually strengthen our relationships: with each other, with friends and with colleagues.
  • Pray for God to give us wisdom in both our personal and work-related decisions.

Ways to pray for Jeff’s work

Jeff serves the Wycliffe Global Alliance Europe Area as an Information Technology (IT) Technician.  He repairs computers and computer-related equipment.

  • Technical Creativity: Computer and device repair is not always straight forward.  As technology changes, new problems surface. Researching ways to fix these is critical as is staying in touch with other technicians who may have encountered the same problems. But, available information is sometimes limited, so technicians like Jeff have to use creativity to solve problems.   Pray for God to give Jeff creative ideas to addresses the myriad of technical problems with computers and devices that he faces each day. 
  • Good Communication: Jeff interacts with numerous people who request help with their computer problems.  Diagnosing and fixing their computers requires good communication between the user and the technician.  Pray that Jeff will have good communication with the people he is helping with their computer problems. 

Ways to pray for Heather’s work

Heather serves Wycliffe Global Alliance Communications Department as the Director of the Wycliffe News Network and the Assistant Director of Communications.  As a professional communicator with Wycliffe, she helps keep the global church informed about Bible translation so that individuals and churches know how they can be meaningfully involved.

  • Choosing Stories: One of Heather’s responsibilities is to choose the stories her team will cover and the locations they will go, using input from the team.   Pray for God to help her and her team to choose stories that will help expand the knowledge of the global church about Bible translation ministry. 
  • Leading the Team: Heather has been leading communications teams in Wycliffe for more than 10 years. This team comes with the unique challenge of every team member being located in a different country. Nearly all communication is done with Skype and email. Pray that God will give Heather the fruits of His spirit to help her lead her team in a God honoring way. 

Ways to pray for cultural transitions

Cultural transitions can be exhilarating and exhausting. Living abroad in a country that is not  your own for a year or longer means making adjustments to just about everything you know. Daily tasks like paying bills and grocery shopping are done differently.  Using the local banking system is different than you are used to.  The way people relate to each other is often different. There can also be language barriers that create daily challenges.  For example, communicating to your neighbors or to the store clerk, or even reading government forms or other mail can be hard when you don’t know the local language. It can be exciting to learn new things, but when you need to learn how to do everything in a new way, it is easy to get overwhelmed and tired.

Here are some ways you can be praying us as we navigate cultural transitions:

  • Flexibility: To successfully navigate through a cultural transition, we must practice flexibility, sometimes to a degree that feels very uncomfortable. Pray that God will help us to embrace the changes we need to make to live successfully in a new culture. 
  • Managing Emotions and Stress: Cultural transitions can make you feel a loss of control which in turn causes stress and heightened emotions.   However, this is a time where God can teach us greater reliance on him.   Pray that God will help us navigate through our stress and emotions in this period, and that we would yield to him and rely on him. 
  • Relationships: Going to a new place means making new friends, and building new relationships with colleagues and other work-related partners. Continually making new friends is a normal phenomena amongst missionary communities, but it can be challenging.   Pray that God will help us build healthy connections with our colleagues, and lasting and deep relationships with new friends. 

Ways to pray for us when we are on home assignment

Every few years, we return to the US for our home assignment (sometimes called furlough).  This time often comes with unique challenges. Here are some ways you can pray for us during our home assignment.

  • Transition:  Many people upon return to their home country after an extended period away experience reverse culture shock. Pray that God will help us connect with the resources we need to handle this transition well.
  • Housing and Transportation: Whenever we return to the US, we need to find affordable housing and a vehicle to use in each of the locations where we’ll stay.  Pray that God will help us find the housing and transportation we need in each location.
  • Connecting:  Time in the US means connecting with many of our current ministry partners.  Pray that we’ll have good times to visit with them and that God will use us to encourage them in their participation in missions.  We also connect with friends and family we haven’t seen in a while.  Pray that God will give us good times of reconnection with friends and family.
  • Sharing: Home assignment involves sharing about our ministry with many people sometimes over several months.  Pray that our stories will glorify God and clearly show how He has been at work in our lives and in the lives of those we serve.
  • Finding more partners: Over time our ministry budget increases due to cost of living, changes in the value of US currency, or changes to our assignments.  When we’re on our home assignment part of what we do is spend time finding additional ministry partners willing to participate in our ministry through prayer and finances.  Pray that God will give us guidance as we plan our activities – that He will lead us to the right places and the right people at the right times.
  • Balancing: Home assignment time is often very full and much busier and more overwhelming than our regular work.  Balancing our work to develop new ministry partners, connect with existing partners, doing some of our regular work, and trying to find times to rest is challenging. Pray that God will help us balance all of our various activities and that he will help us find times of refreshment.

Ways to pray for our partnership development

Partnership development is the phrase we use to describe the process of inviting individuals and churches to join our ministry team as prayer and/or financial partners, and maintaining connections with ministry partners over time.

Partnership development can be exciting because we get to share with people how we’ve seen God at work.  We also get the opportunity to personally invite people to participate in our Wycliffe ministry.

It can also be quite hard.  Extended  times spent developing new ministry partners takes us away from our regular work often with no one to fill in the gap. It also may involve extended times of travel sometimes without a home base.  Prayer is so important to helping us during these times. Here are some ways you can be praying:

  • PRAY FOR ENDURANCE – 1 Cor 9:24.
    • Pray that we will remain focused on our goal to return to our full-time ministry work in a new location and will be faithful to keep going until we have reached our new financial goals.
    • Pray that we will not be thwarted by set backs and will remember our place in helping bring God’s Word to those who do not have it yet in their language.
  • PRAY FOR COURAGE – 2 Tim 1:7
    • Pray that God would help us overcome any fears we have as we try some new approaches for developing additional ministry partnerships.
    • Pray that God will give us boldness to share about the amazing work He is doing in Bible translation and the ways He has equipped us to be a part of this ministry.
    • Pray that we will be faithful to seek out and sieze the opportunities the Lord provides to invite more people to join us in our work with Wycliffe, and that we will ask new people to join our team believing in the Lord’s faithful provision.
  • PRAY FOR TRUST – John 14:1, Prov 3:5
    • Pray that when we are discouraged that we will put our trust in Jesus to take care of all of our needs.
    • Pray that we will not rely on ourselves, but that we will trust God.
  • PRAY FOR PEACE – Phil 4:6-7, Col 3:15
    • Pray that God will keep us free of anxiety, and will give us His perfect peace.
  • PRAY FOR WISDOM – James 1:5
    • Pray that we will continually seek God’s wisdom as we make and carry out our plans.
  • PRAY FOR PROVISION – Phil 4:19
    • Pray that God will completely supply for our financial needs from the resources of His children.

Prayer Resources

A regular list of prayer requests and answers to prayer can be found in our newsletters.  You are also welcome to contact us for our most current prayer needs.

If you are looking for more guidance on how to pray for us or others serving in cross-cultural ministry, you might want to check out this helpful tool created by Wycliffe: How to Pray for MissionariesNavPress also has a collection of helpful prayer tools including one that you can purchase about praying for missionaries.

Prayer requests about Bible translation and language development work around the world can be found on

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