The generosity of family, friends, churches, and even strangers has been a wonderful blessing to us over the years.  Our ability to participate in the way we do with Wycliffe is dependent on God’s provision through the generous gifts of God’s people. Commit to be a financial partner.

Gifts preferenced to our Wycliffe Ministry Account

Wycliffe uses regular and special gifts given to the preference of our Wycliffe ministry account (219208) to cover the following:

  • Our living expenses
  • Our taxes including US social security tax and applicable US and foreign income taxes
  • Our Wycliffe ministry expenses including newsletter printing and mailing expenses, visits with prayer and financial partners, and expenses related to speaking engagements
  • Our benefits including health insurance, life insurance and retirement savings
  • Other non-business related expenses including our furlough travel, that is the cost of us returning to the US after our terms overseas, and our set up costs for living abroad including our household expenses and vehicle purchase.
  • Administrative services–10 percent of all gifts given to to the preference of our Wycliffe ministry are directed to Wycliffe’s general fund to cover the cost of administrative services for which we benefit including facilities maintenance, computer support and financial services.
  • Transaction fees – for gifts given in the US a 3% credit card fee is deducted from credit card gifts.  Gifts given to us through Wycliffe’s affiliates outside the US usually have international funds transfer fees deducted.

The amount Wycliffe distributes to our Wycliffe ministry in a given month fluctuates because our Wycliffe compensation is paid from receipted funds given to the preference of our Wycliffe ministry each month.

How to Give a Financial Gift

From the USA

Monetary Gifts – Cash, Check, Credit Card: Financial gifts should be directed to Wycliffe Bible Translators, USA. To give by mail please make your check out to Wycliffe Bible Translators.  Mail it to Wycliffe Bible Translators, PO Box 628200, Orlando, FL 32862. Please include a separate note indicating that your gift is for the preference of Jeff and Heather Pubols, Acct 219208. Financial gifts in the USA are tax deductible. You can give on-line by credit card or bank transfer.  You can also give by phone (1-800-WYCLIFFE), electronic funds transfer, and more. By request, single gifts of $1200 or more can be distributed in monthly increments of an amount your choice.  If you would like to do this, include a this request in the note with your gift.  Be sure to specify how much you would like to distribute each month to our account. 

Non-Cash Gifts – Gift in KindParticipate in the Wycliffe USA Gift in Kind program to turn the value of items like used cell phones, jewelry, cars, boats and more into cash gifts to our Wycliffe ministry.   Some non-cash gifts may be receipted and eligible for a US tax deduction.

Corporate Matching GiftsDouble your money? Over fifteen thousand US companies will match their employee contributions to charitable organizations like Wycliffe. If you or your spouse work for one of these companies, there could be several thousand dollars available for you to direct to an organization of your choice.  Read this story about employee matching gift programs.  Email to learn more.

Legacy/Planned Gifts: Give after your lifetime through a legacy/planned gift.  Click here to learn more about the missionary support plan – a way you can continue to support us through a one-time gift of $10,000 or more made in cash or other assets made now or after your lifetime.  All legacy gifts are processed through the Wycliffe Foundation.

Financial Securities GiftsGiving stocks, bonds or other financial securities is another way you can give in the USA.  If you have long-term capital gain securities, there may be a way to give more at less cost. Tax law allows you to give appreciated securities and deduct the full market value as a charitable contribution. Wycliffe can sell the securities without paying capital gains taxes. Email to learn more.

More ways to give in the USA:  Learn more

Whatever way you choose to give, please be sure to use our names (J/H Pubols) and account number (219208) in order to ensure that your gift is preferenced correctly.

Receipts? Wycliffe USA will send a receipt directly to the individual, church or organization that sends a donation. This is usually sent to the address on the check or address provided on an on-line form. If you choose to receive a paper receipt, along with it you will also receive a convenient form and envelope for a future gift and a free copy of In Focus, a donor newsletter. If you have any problems with your donation or receipt, please contact the donor relations department: 1-800-WYCLIFFE ext. 3705,

From Canada

All financial gifts given in Canada should be directed to Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada.

Giving by mail: Please make out your check to Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada.  Mail your check to Wycliffe Bible Translators of Canada, Receipts Dept, 4316-10 Street NE, Calgary AB T2E 6K3. Enclose a SEPARATE NOTE, with your name, address and phone number, indicating that your gift should be designed to the ministry of Jeff and Heather Pubols, project 53847.

Giving by phone: Call 1-800-463-1143 and ask for the Receipts Department. Please be ready to provide the following information:

  • Credit card type, number, expiry date, name on card
  • Amount of your donation
  • Your address, postal code and home phone number
  • Our name and household account number (Jeff and Heather Pubols, project 53847)

You can also give online or by pre-authorized payment. Click here to learn more.

Receipts? A charitable tax receipt will be issued for donations of $25 or more. Please note that once donations are deposited to the Wycliffe Canada bank account, they cannot legally be returned to the donor.  Click here for information about giving through Wycliffe Canada.

*Note: It is preferred that our Wycliffe Canada project number, 53847, is used for gifts given through Wycliffe Canada. However, our household acct, 219208, is also recognized. 

From South Africa

Financial gifts should be directed to Wycliffe Bible Translators, South Africa.  Gifts should be made via electronic funds transfer to: Standard Bank, Kempton Park, Bank Code: 012442, Account number: 020263309. Please reference both name of the donor (your surname and initials) and preferenced recipient (J/HPubols).Receipts? Please provide Wycliffe South Africa with your surname, first names, postal address, email address, contact landline and contact cell so that you can receive a receipt for your gift. You can provide this information on their on-line form, by email (, or by fax (011 452 2715).   Please be aware that these receipts are not tax certificates. Click here for information about giving through Wycliffe South Africa.


From the UK

Financial gifts can be given online on the Wycliffe UK website. Designate your gift to a member/project and fill in “Jeff-Heather Pubols, 219208″ in the field for member or project name.  You can also give in the UK by check, direct debit, gift aide, or over the phone.  Checks should be sent with a separate note specifying that your gift is for the preference of Jeff & Heather Pubols, 219208. For more information email


From Kenya

Financial gifts can be given through Bible Translation and Literacy, Kenya. Please email Carol Kamau for instructions prior to giving your first gift.  In your email include the following information: our names and account number (Jeff & Heather Pubols WBTUSA 219208), and your contact details (surname, first names, postal address, email address and mobile number).


From Sweden

Financial gifts can be given through Folk & Sprak – Wycliffe Bibelöversättare. Gifts can be given via electronic funds transfer to FOLK & SPRAK – Wycliffe Bibelöversättare, Bank Number BG 900-7287. Please mark the gift with “Pubols.” Click here to learn more about giving. For more information email

From South Korea

Gifts can be given via electronic funds transfer through  GLOBAL BIBLE TRANSLATORS: 한국외환은행 (Korea Exchange Bank), 303-04-00019-470 (Acct Number), 예금주 (Bank Holder), 한국해외선교회 (Global Missionary Fellowship)

English translation of the above financial data is provided for your information and is not needed for the financial transaction.  For questions about your transaction contact Jeong Yeun Lee.


From Australia

Financial gifts can be given online on the Wycliffe Australia website. Under donation allocation, check Donate to a Wycliffe member and fill in Jeff-Heather Pubols, 219208 in the field for member name.  You can also give in Australia by internet or bank transfer, by check or money order or through STEER or bequests.


Checks should be made out to Wycliffe Bible Translators Australia and sent to Wycliffe Australia, 70 Graham Rd, Kangaroo Ground, VIC 3097. Include a separate note specifying that your gift is for the preference of Jeff & Heather Pubols, WBTUSA 219208. For more information email


From another country

Wycliffe Global Alliance participating organizations

 in more than 25 countries worldwide are able to accept and process gifts that could be preferenced to our ministry with Wycliffe. Find the organization in your country by going to this page and selecting your continent and country from the menu on the left side of the screen. Please contact us if you would like more information or assistance.

Gifts of other kinds

There are many other creative ways that people have given in addition to financial contributions. Some have blessed us with houses to stay in, cars to drive, equipment, meals, care packages, and more.  We greatly appreciate the ways that God has provided for us through the resources others have shared with us.

Become a financial partner

Fill out our online invitation to partnership form to let us know about your intention to join our team as a regular prayer or financial partner.  If you are in the US, click here to give now.

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