About Us


We’re Jeff and Heather Pubols [PEW-bowls]: a couple of ordinary people participating in God’s mission using our skills in IT and communications to support Bible translation efforts around the world.

The need for Bible translation

Hundreds of millions of people around the world still do not have access to a single verse of the Bible in a language they can understand. These people primarily use one of the about 2000 languages for which neither the Bible nor any biblical materials has never been translated.

This placed against our own reality having more biblical resources available in our mother tongue, English, than we could ever possibly watch, listen to, or read, compelled us to get involved – to use our skills and abilities to help those without access to scripture in their language.

Watch this video to learn more about why is Bible translation important.

Learn more about our organization

We are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA serving with the Wycliffe Global Alliance.  The Alliance is the global organization where Wycliffe USA as well as more than 100 other organizations worldwide come together to participate in the Bible translation movement.

For more than a decade we have served Wycliffe in various locations including South Africa, Kenya and the USA, as well as helping on short-term projects in several countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Our roles in Bible translation

For Bible translation to happen more than just translators and linguists are needed. People are needed with a variety of skills in areas such as administration, technology, communications, and teaching. 

Jeff – IT Technician

Jeff has been seconded to the Wycliffe Global Alliance Europe Area to work as a remote/roving IT Support Specialist.  He works for a small IT team that has launched an initiative to serve Wycliffe workers with IT support in five time zones that cover Europe and Africa.  He remotely repairs computers for staff in countries on both of these continents.  He also provides onsite computer support to Wycliffe staff and also sometimes to staff from other missions organizations when he travels to various locations mostly in Europe and Africa.

Because of technology, the average time it takes to do a translation just of the New Testament has decreased from about 20-25 years to about 10-15 years.  Without functioning computers, all aspects Bible translation work take a lot longer, so IT technicians are critical to keeping Bible translation moving forward.

See some of Jeff’s work in Tanzania, the Netherlands, South AfricaSweden, and Asia.

Heather – Communications Professional

Heather has been seconded to the Wycliffe Global Alliance Communications Department. She is the Director of the Wycliffe News Network (WNN), a small photojournalism team that is gathering publicity stories about Bible translation and related work.  More than 100 organizations participating in the Alliance are able to use these stories in their publicity materials.  As WNN’s primary liaison for Africa-related stories, she continues to stay closely connected to Africa. See some of the stories WNN has produced. She also serves as the Assistant Director of Communications for the Wycliffe Global Alliance providing leadership to the corporate brand and some aspects of public communication.

Communications professionals in Wycliffe help keep the global church informed about God’s work in Bible translation.  Informed churches and individuals can then respond to how God is leading them to be involved.  Without professional communicators doing this critical work, the global church would be uninformed about Bible translation, fewer people would  get involved, and ultimately, Bible translation work would not get done.

See some of Heather’s work in Cameroon, Japan, DRC, MicronesiaRomania, and Denmark

Stories and photographs produced under Heather’s direction have appeared in numerous Wycliffe publications and websites worldwide.  Some have also appeared places such as Christianity Today, Charisma Magazine, Wycliffe Canada’s Word Alive magazine, and YWAM’s Africa publication Njembe.

Stay updated on our ministry with Wycliffe

Our blog chronicles our experiences, our thoughts, and our observations about Bible translation, languages, cultures, life away from our home country and our journey to get to where we are today.  Heather is the primary blogger.  In addition to this blog we also send out a newsletter several times a year that anyone can request to receive by email and US residents can request to receive by snail mail.


Our ministry with Wycliffe is not possible without you

In our organization most staff, including us, are able to serve because of generous gifts and faithful prayers.  Our team of ministry partners, serve with us as we help those who don’t yet have God’s Word in their language. Learn more about ministry partnership. 

Financial and prayer partners include both individuals and churches.  Learn more about how you can pray for and give to the preference our Wycliffe ministry. Consider joining our team.  Let us know how you would like to participate on our team by filling out our invitation to partnership form.