Regrouping: WNN team meetings

WNN Team photo - Dec 2014

Here’s the Wycliffe News Network (WNN) team photo taken at the end of our team meetings which were held this year in Germany.  Jeff and my home assignment in the US put a two year gap between our annual WNN team meetings.

It was good to finally see everyone together as a group.  Our team lives on five different continents.  Most of our communication with each other is by Skype, email or Facebook.  Occasionally, two team members meet up for a trip.  So, these rare times when we are all together in one place are special.  They are also necessary as virtual communication, as great as it is, doesn’t replace the kind of relational interchange that takes place face-to-face.

Right now we have two full-time photographers, a part-time photographer and writer, two part-time people who help us  find stories and coordinate trips in certain geographic regions, and me…I provide overall direction to our work. We work with several volunteers, too.  And, later this year we’ll be adding several new full-time staff including some writers.

The WNN team is part of the communications department for the Wycliffe Global Alliance.  Our work is to gather images and stories that tell how God is at work through Bible translation related work, today.   Since our team officially began, each of us has traveled several places to gather those images and photos – from the rain forests of Congo to the winter wonderland of northern Siberia to Bible schools in Cameroon to remote islands in the Pacific.  It’s been a privilege to be able to see God at work in so many places, and then be able to share those stories with Christian believers all over the world.

My home assignment slowed things down for us as team, but now, we’re able to move ahead again.  It’s been a bit overwhelming trying to catch up from all the work that built up during a 14 month home assignment and move ahead, but we are making steady progress.  Seeing everyone and planning together was a great encouragement.

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