Importance of Literacy

In this video, Ibrahim, a literacy teacher at the Bredgin refugee camp in eastern Chad, talks about the importance of learning to read and write Massalit.

The Massalit are refugees from the DarFur region of Sudan.  It is a cross-boarder community, so some also have permanent residence in Chad. An SIL team has been assigned to eastern Chad to provide guidence to a literacy program.

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One thought on “Importance of Literacy

  1. Dear Heather,
    We are a team of two French journalists actually preparing a report on the Masalit in Chad.
    We are particularly concerned by the survival of their language as a lot of them have left their homeland.
    Do you still have contacts with the teacher of the vidéo, Ibrahim ? Is he still in Bredgin ?
    Thanks a lot for your help and talk to you soon,

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